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A lightweight CRM and planning tool to efficiently manage construction site staffing.

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What was the challenge?

GTS Projects, a specialist in technical staffing for construction sites, faced an operational hurdle. They were using a planning tool that was bloated with features they didn't use and lacked core functionalities they really needed. Over time GTS Projects created internal processes to work around these limitations, but these solutions were not ideal and rather time-consuming.


How did we help?

During our collaboration with GTS Projects, we began with a Requirements Workshop to deeply understand their challenges. This led to a detailed Feature Backlog, ensuring we captured every need.

After a focused Tech Analysis, we chose the powerful combination of low-code platform Retool and datasource MongoDB Atlas. We then crafted user-friendly designs using Retool's library and seamlessly integrated functionality.

To keep everything transparent, we held Weekly Check-ins with GTS Projects, ensuring they were always in the loop.

GTS Requirements Workshop
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What is the result?

We created a custom lightweight CRM and planning tool tailored to their specific needs to help them work more efficiently.

Some of the core features include:

  • A CRM to store information about their clients and construction sites
  • Rate card management for construction sites to automate invoicing
  • Detailed work and absence planning for employees
  • Integration with the M-Files document management platform to easily view documents related to customers or employees
  • Custom data export of planning for easier data entry in external systems
Kevin Van Eynde
"Our new planning tool has made a significant improvement to our day-to-day operations."
Kevin Van Eynde – Operational Manager
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